An Environmentally Friendly Tarmac Cleaner that works!!!!!!

Thursday 7 July, 2011

We have for years, since our friends at Arrow Chemicals stopped making their excellent product ‘Tar Off’, been searching for the Holy Grail ~  a product which we can use to clean down our tarmac pavers, without destroying the planet. We have tried numerous alternatives, all of which were supposed to be ‘ the business’, only to find that they weren’t.

Fast coming to the conclusion that such a product did not exist ~ what on earth could be both environmentally friendly, and dissolve bitumen!!, we believe we have found it. It even has a nice smell.

M&B Oils Limited, (not to be confused with M&B ~ Mitchells & Butler Brewery in the Midlands), based in Newton Abbot, Devon have the product.

It is called
an asphalt release agent and tool cleaner. It is FULLY BIODEGRADABLE.

We recommend strongly that you contact Nick Laity on 07879 445335,
by email or visit their website at


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