Our Flagship has arrived!

Monday 18 July, 2011

Our Flagship has arrived!

Following on from our June News, we are pleased to announce to our customers, the arrival of our new Johnston VT650.

Pictured outside the Norwegian Church and overlooking Cardiff Bay, we believe that its Specification will not only make it one of the best sweepers in South Wales in terms of its performance, but it is the most ECO friendly, and ‘Hazard aware’ machine that we have ever purchased, which our customers have indicated as best suited to their requirements.

As well as the water recycling system, which means fewer non productive breaks to take on water, and ultimately less water is tipped with the load, it has the capability to simultaneously sweep on both sides, which should means fewer passes are required to effectively sweep, resulting in potentially less time on site. Supawash and hand lance jetting, are as standard, and the long reach channel brush means better access to difficult areas. In operational mode, the machine is much quieter than other units, and perfect for residential sites.

In terms of Health & Safety, the vehicle is equipped with white noise reversing alarms, rear facing movement sensors, full rear flashing lights, as well as the front and rear rotating beacons. The rear facing camera has a colour monitor, and a full compliment of mirrors.

Having completed your sweeping, the operator can wash his hands in hot water, courtesy of the side mounted wash basin, before presenting his ticket for signature, upon completion.

Any customer who is interested in seeing the machine in action should contact the office, and arrangements can be made.



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