Environmental Policy

Cole Contractors Limited is a Company that is aware of the importance placed upon the environment and has set out its commitment to the preservation and enhancement of it in its Environmental Policy which is reproduced below:

Environmental Objectives

This statement of environmental policy summarises the Company’s commitment to good environmental management by adopting the following specific objectives:

  1. Incorporates environmental care as a factor at all levels of its business. The ultimate Responsibility for environmental issues at corporate level lies with the CCC Directors, who will ensure that a system of clear responsibility and accountabilities is put in place and understood throughout the company.
    Senior Management will ensure that all staff are aware of its policy and act accordingly, and will provide the support required to meet CCC standards.
  2. Will comply with all regulatory requirements pertaining to its activities and will strive to adopt the highest possible standards.
  3. As a supplier of construction related services, CCC will promote the efficient and least polluting use of construction materials.
  4. Will assess the environmental impact of all goods and services the company requires for its business and will aim to use only sustainable resources. It will select its suppliers accordingly, expecting them to have environmental standards comparable to CCC.
  5. Will minimize waste generated by its activities and will ensure its recycling or safe disposal should recycling not be possible.
  6. Is dedicated to the conservation of the countryside and will minimise the environmental impact of its operations. It will take positive action to enhance the beauty and ecological value of the countryside on its sites.
  7. Will communicate the need for good environmental practices throughout the company and will train and support its staff to put this into practice.
  8. Will continually assess its environmental performance and will commission external audits, the results of which it will make available.
  9. Will from time to time, review these policy objectives critically and will amend and extend its commitments wherever necessary