Quality Policy Statement

Cole Contractors Limited (Cole) operates in the operated plant hire and road construction sectors of the construction industry. Its expertise covers services based around our core activities of operated road sweeper hire, operated tarmac paver hire and tarmac paving contracting.

The Directors and management of Cole are committed to operate every aspect of the business to standards that offer the highest possible level of quality and service to all our clients. This is supported by a management style that encourages a quality culture throughout the company. All employees have been made aware of this policy and are encouraged to actively participate and demonstrate their commitment to achieve the aims of the company.

The policy is the direct concern of every employee. Senior management have ultimate responsibility for the formulation and development and responsibility for its implementation with line management and individual employees. By directly employing fully trained and certified operatives to carry out our services we are able to assert complete control over the quality of workmanship to ensure client satisfaction on all projects undertaken.

It is the policy of Cole to achieve customer satisfaction in the supply of goods and services by:

  • Liaising with clients to ensure that their requirements and expectations are achievable and realistic.
  • Developing new services to meet the ever changing requirements and expectations of our customers.
  • Operating a system designed to prevent or eliminate the supply of defective services by highlighting problems at the earliest opportunity.
  • Monitoring complaints from customers, together with remedial action and corrective action taken.
  • Regular review of non-conformance reported and investigation into the reasons for non-conformance to ensure no reoccurrence.